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How far in advance do I need to place an order for my cake?

The more notice you give, the greater chance you have of securing a date in our diary. We recommend at least 6 months for Wedding Cakes & 3 months for all other celebration cakes. We may be able to take orders closer to the date but this depends upon availability. Please get in touch to enquire.

My friend/relative baked my cake, can you decorate it for me?

Unfortunately not. We do not decorate any cakes that were not baked by us. The main reason for this is due to Health and Safety. Whilst we are sure the cake will be delicious, we cannot guarantee to you or your guests what it contains or prove where the ingredients were sourced. Should there be any problems with the cake, it could pose a risk to our reputation and that of our business.

What size cake do I need to order?

The portion table below is a guide only. The number of portions a cake will give will vary depending upon how it is cut

Do I have to pay a deposit?

The deposit is a minimum of 50% of the total order and secures your booking in our diary. Please see Terms & Conditions for full details

When is the balance due for my cake?

The balance can be paid in cash on collection of your order or four weeks prior to delivery. Please see Terms & Conditions for full details

Do you make allergy-free cakes?

Although certain ingredients can be removed from the cakes, they are still used in our kitchen so we cannot guarantee that any of our cakes are completely free of them.

What happens if I need to cancel my order?

Please see Terms & Conditions for full details

What happens if I need to alter my order?

Please see Terms & Conditions for full details

How much are your cakes?

As each cake is individually made to order, prices vary on the complexity & size of the cake. Please contact us to discuss your requirements & request a quote.



” ‘Hi Lisa

I just wanted to say how great the cake looked and how well it captured the theme. It tasted great too!!”